New bicycle tour

Last year bicycle tour through the Balkans and Poland was not the end. This year we get back into the saddle and go from Thessaloniki via Sofia, Belgrad, Budapest, Vienna to Dresden. The tour starting end of August with my brother and me of course. If you want more adventure content some videos from our tour you can read you Blog and subscribe our Vimeo channel.




Yes our journey was very impressive for us 4 weeks and 6 different countries were on our tour. Nearly 2000 km through the Baltics and Poland, through nature and cities, over bike lanes or a lose sand, sleeping in tent or in hostel…

We were in a lot of cities, in Lübeck, Helsinki, Tallinn, Pernu, Riga, Kaunas, Suwalki, Warsawa, Lodz, Wroclaw, Görlitz and Bautzen. And also we drove through many national parks, Lahemaa, Soomaa, Vidzemes akmeņainā jūrmala, Biebrza. And crossed the rivers Pärnu, Memel, Bug, Weichsel, Oder, Neiße, Zschopau.

Our bikes weren’t the best, but they brought us to our destination with minor difficulties every day. In Warsaw we needed to repair both our front wheels. And there was wear on our bikes, some lost screws and the luggage carrier broke a few times. But fortunatly nothing was stolen and our bikes were always there where we left them. I think a day off after 6-8 days or at least 700 km on the bike is necessary. In the next article you’ll find some images from our tour and we hope you enjoyed reading our blog.

Jonas and Lukas

Day 25 – September 10, 2016 – Unterer Altenteich-Milkau

This was our last day on the tour. We came from Meißen, Döbeln and Hartha back to our home in Milkau. One highlight was the crossing of the river Zschopau. It was a highlight because we waded through, although there was a bridge right next to us which we didn’t see at first. At 1pm we were at home and our trip across 6 countries and 2000 km through Europe was over. In the next days we’ll organize our images and upload some on this website. 

Jonas and Lukas

Day 24 – September 9, 2016 – Henryków Lubański-Unterer Altenteich

Today was another day with a long ride. We started in Poland and ended in central Saxony. We went over Göritz, Bauzten, Elsta to Radeburg. So there are only a few kilometers left for tomorrow. It was also the day, we left Poland and came to our last country on the trip, Germany. Poland is a country with a big contrast between cities and the villages. But Poland invested a lot in the infrastructure, in Autobahnen and railways. Sadly the communication with the people was difficult for us, because almost all people we met didn’t speak Englisch. Poland will stay in our mind with it’s sometimes wild nature and numerus national parks and also with its beautiful cities. Tomorrow is the last day of our trip, that means we are coming home again.
Jonas and Lukas